Enjoy the private beach of ManiApartments, just 20 meters away from your apartment! Explore the beautiful sea and relax on the sunbeds provided free for the customers of ManiApartments. Discover all the beauty and diversity of the Mani sea with a visit to some of its most secluded and precious beaches. Rocky beaches with sleek rocks and emerald seas, golden sands, desert beaches for those who just want to enjoy the natural landscape and for those who like more a beach where they can also go for a coffee or a drink.

Suggested beaches:

  • ManiApartments Private Beach (20m). Grey rocks, emerald waters, natural bay with a springboard and stairs, many little corners formed by the rocks where you can enjoy Swimming alone or with company. Springboard for diving and ladder available.
  • Agios Dimitrios (100m). Next to a small fish port, a hospitable beach with pebbles and sand.
  • Katafigio (500m). Sleek rocks, deep, crystal clear waters. Above Katafigio beach there is one of the longest cave in Greece, you can visit it for free.
  • Pantazi (1Km). One of the most beautiful beaches of the area. Grey sand and small pebbles.
  • Stoupa Beach (4.5 km). A beautiful sandy beach where guests can enjoy themselves the whole day. With lots of shops and taverns along the beach.
  • Trahila (4Km). You will discover amazing rocky beaches all the way from ManiApartments to Trahila.
  • Kalogria (5Κm). A cosmopolitan beach where you can enjoy the golden sand and visit a cafe, a tavern or a bar.
  • The following beaches are also worth visiting:
 Delfinia, Ritsa, Foneas, Kalamitsi

What you’ll love about Swimming in Mani:

  • Explore the beaches at your own pace. Find the the right beach that suits you. Blue or green water? Rock beach or sandy beach? The choice is yours.
  • Find the secret beaches. Every spot of Mani place has a hidden beach.
  • Explore as many as you can. See a whole variety of marine life – including turtles, on the crystal clear blue water.
  • Snorkel and dive. Experience the underwater beauty of this renowned region.
Details at a glance:
Opening hoursThe beaches are not staffed and do not get closed off in the evenings.
You can swim day or night, depending your desire.
Sights and highlightsWide range of beaches available, sand or rock, blue or green water etc.
What to bringHat
Comfortable walking shoes
Drinking water
Booking informationNo bookings required.
How to get there
You will find a big variation of maps on the local supermarkets and bookstores, for all kind of trips.
For more information please ask us.
The information above should be used as a guide only. Activity/tour details are subject to change at any time.