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The ancient traveler Pausanias mentioned in 150 B.C. that Dioscuri were born on the islet “Pefnos”, located in the port of Agios Dimitrios of West Mani, and two bronze statues of them were there. Unfortunately, the statues no longer exist, probably because they were stolen at some point in the later years. The need to reposition the stolen statues and to revive the values ​​of Greek culture, made us re-create a sculpture on this particular islet.

With the guidance and help of the honorable professor of archeology Dr. Petros Themelis, we managed to complete the difficult task of the sculpture installation. The process was done with methods reminding of the ones used in the ancient times and all the materials were carried hand in hand on a fishing boat. The created statue depicts Zeus who transformed into a swan and mated with Leda. From this union an egg emerged, through which the “Beautiful Helen” and the Dioscuri were born. Dr. Petros Themelis explains this myth in the following text, which will be engraved on a marble slab directly opposite the rocky islet, in the port of Agios Dimitrios:
According to an ancient legend from the Euripidian tragedy ‘Helen’ (vs. 17 and 252), the supreme god Zeus fell passionately in love with the beautiful Leda, wife of king Tyndareus of Sparta. Zeus transformed himself into a pale white swan fleeing from an eagle and took refuge into the arms of Leda. This secret, erotic union of god and mortal took place on the small rocky islet of Pefnos, near the coast. As a result, Leda produced an egg and this famous egg led to the birth of the Dioscuri twins Castor and Pollux, as well as the ‘Beautiful Helen’, destined to be the wife of Menelaus, Paris and the unfortunate Troy.
In ancient times, bronze statues of the Dioscuri were erected on the islet of Pefnos, while to-day a modern work of art – depicting the union of Swan/Zeus with Leda – is being placed on the same spot.
Petros Themelis”

The Swedish ETERNAL GLORY (MÄSTARNAS MÄSTARE), was filmed in ManiApartments!

On 17th of September 2018, an episode of the famous Swedish tv series Eternal Glory (MÄSTARNAS MÄSTARE) was filmed in ManiApartments area! MÄSTARNAS MÄSTARE (idiomatic translation Champion of Champions) is a Swedish reality competition show which each season feature a number of former athletic stars who all became “masters” of their individual sports. In the show the athletes competes against each other in a number of different athletic challenges. All contestants have in common that they have won at least one gold medal in their respective sports and they have all ended their careers.

One of the competitors is Henrik Larsson, the famous football player who used to play for FC Barcelona, Swedish national team etc. Check on the photos that Henrik Larsson is being interviewed in our theater and then ready to compete on our beach.


5th Kardamili’s International Jazz Festival 2018

5 – 12 May 2018
Kardamili International Jazz Festival – 5th. Year!

The festival is hosted by Sarpsborg Jazz Club in Norway, in cooperation with New Orleans Workshop and Asker Jazz Club. Kardamili is a small charming village with about 400 inhabitants, located in Mani, Peloponnes Greece. Over 70 concerts will take place in almost all cafés, restaurants and tavernas in Kardamili!
The bands and musicians are coming from the following countries: Greece, Norway, USA, Austria, Scotland, England, Sweden and Argentina.
All concerts are free of charge except the blues-and jazzcruise on Albatross. You can purchase tickets, 50 € inclusive lunch at the festival office in Kardamili.
For the concerts in Farragi there will be a bus at 11:30 from the Plateia. Bus tickets you can by at the festival office.

Kardamili International Jazz Festival 2017

Kardamili International Jazz Festival is hosted by Sarpsborg Jazz Club in Norway, in cooperation with New Orleans Workshop and Asker Jazz Club. Kardamili is a small charming village with about 400 inhabitants, 10 minutes driving from ManiApartments. Over 50 conserts will take place in almost all cafés, restaurants and tavernas in Kardamili.

All concerts are free of charge.

The Performing Orchestras

Kardamili Bluegrass Boys, Jan Inge Melsæter Sextet with Ingrid Lucia and Tricia Boutté, Touché, Shoeshine Boys, Reidar Larsen Blues Band, Live Foyn Friis Quartet. Tom-Arild Andersson Trio, Nane Früehstüeckl and Heli Punzenberger (Austria)

Other Musicians who will perform in different constellations:

Johanna Winther, Arild Berger, Gunnar Johnsen, Dagfinn Kristiansen,
Jan Erik Ulseth, Rolf Werner, Knut Hem, Rodrigo Villagra, Carl Georg Abel, Bård Helgerud, and more.

Detailed program of the festival: Press here.

grandmother picking olives

Olive picking season

If you want to experience this great Greek tradition, then come to Mani and join us for one Olive-Picking season in the autumn!

An olive picking day starts with a good breakfast in the morning. Then you go to a romantic olive grove with trees which are often more than a hundred years old. The nets are neatly spread under the trees and then the picking starts. We pick the traditional way, with a so called olive comb. You can fully enjoy the peaceful environment and the nature of Mani.

Our beautiful olive groves are spread around. All of them in the middle of nature, sometimes nearby a traditional village but also close to the sea with fantastic views.

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