The Swedish ETERNAL GLORY (MÄSTARNAS MÄSTARE), was filmed in ManiApartments!

On 17th of September 2018, an episode of the famous Swedish tv series Eternal Glory (MÄSTARNAS MÄSTARE) was filmed in ManiApartments area! MÄSTARNAS MÄSTARE (idiomatic translation Champion of Champions) is a Swedish reality competition show which each season feature a number of former athletic stars who all became “masters” of their individual sports. In the show the athletes competes against each other in a number of different athletic challenges. All contestants have in common that they have won at least one gold medal in their respective sports and they have all ended their careers.

One of the competitors is Henrik Larsson, the famous football player who used to play for FC Barcelona, Swedish national team etc. Check on the photos that Henrik Larsson is being interviewed in our theater and then ready to compete on our beach.